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Looking for gift advice


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I'm looking for advice for a gift for my husband to help fill out our garage. We are first time home owners, bought our house a year ago. So we need plhenty of stuff to handle projects. He has a table saw and and a drill press, as well as smaller tools. What should be the next big item? Household projects, and he has been doing some woodworking as of late. I'd like to keep it around $150- hobby quality is fine (but it would be better to give a smaller gift than buy junk). The challenges he has mentioned are precise thingcuts and cutting angles (though he might something for himslef to cut angles). What do you think is most useful to a new workshop? Something he might never have thought of is fine too, he enjoys learning new things and projects. I'm thinking maybe a scroll saw, band saw, or router. What are your thoughts and ideas?


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Lol, I agree with Wayne, but be prepared to have him look at everything. A tool store is like a good candy store. I would say a nice router. But that is only because I use my router all the time, more than any other wood working tool. Some guys uses their saws more, but I guess it just depends upon what they do. You can do a lot with a router, plus some nice bits.

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I know I'm a tad late on this but.....If he wants to cut angles (and your prepared to spend the extra $50) for $199 you could get him a nice quality 10" Ridgid brand compound miter saw from Home Depot. Very versatile tool and a must have for anyone wishing to do any real quality wood projects.

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