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Cordless Electric Snow Blowers: Snow Joe iON21SB-PRO vs Snow Joe iON18SB vs GreenWorks 80V Pro


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Hello all.  I am in the market for a snow blower and would like a cordless electric model (I live in Burlington County NJ). After do my research, I have it narrowed down to one of the three models listed in the title (the Snow Joe ION 21 SB just came out earlier this year so I understand there might not be much thoughts on it).  


Any thoughts on which is the best of these to buy?



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Thanks Tool Junkie.  Being as all these electric blowers are mostly plastic in build, the Snow Joe may not be much different in build quality.  I did note that the Snow Joe has a rubber tipped metal auger where as the Greenworks has a plastic auger.  I believe the metal auger would potentially last longer, Also, the Snow Joe has a power actuated chute where as the Greenworks is manual.  I like the power actuated chute but understand that it is one more thing that can fail.


Is yours the 40 V or 80 V model?  How long does your last before needing recharging and how long do you need to recharge it?

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It's the 80v version I don't have any times but I can clear 2 typical city driveways with it. It also depends on the snow wet snow will make the unit run harder so they battery will die quicker. Personally I kinda wish I went with the SnowJoe but the Greeworks was cheaper at the time as I got it as Cyber Monday deal last year a Lowes. I'm not confident in the tool lasting 10 years, but to be honest battery tech and motors get so much better do I really want that same unit for 10 years. I don't know how much snow you get in a winter by you either If you get 6/10 inch regular snows a cordless unit might now be the best thing. I actually have 2 snowblowers the Greenworks and a big 2 stage Toro Powermax. I like the greenworks as we get typically smaller snow falls in the Detroit area 4/6 which the Greenworks handles fine and doesn't kick my ass like the 300 pound Toro. If you do get a big 2 stage ever get one one power steering your upper body will appreciate it.

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I posted this in Wigwag's thread so I pasted it here as it applies. I have the ion21 Pro and like it quite a bit. For anything 12" and under I think it's fine, it helps to keep the snow getting too deep because you can't expect to move mountains with a less than 40lb. snow blower...

I bought the Snow Joe ion Pro which is the bigger 21" wide version with a 5amp battery. It's brushless too. I have a narrow 75ft drivewaya and a few short walkways and last season it was great. Small, lightweight and good to probably 9 inches and up to a foot depending. It's not as powerful as gas ones but it makes up for it in ease of use, no gas and no starting troubles and it's so light you can easily move it around in tight spots. It's super quiet too so my strategy was to not let the snow get too deep and blow during the storm before it got too deep and go back again later to finish. It's quiet enough you can use it at night and it even has a headlight which works pretty well. It lists for $499 but Amazon has it for $447 prime and sometimes cheaper I think. It's not that much more than the the more common 18" model but it comes with a 5 amp vs 4 amp battery a wider 21" vs 18" intake and longer runtime even though it's got a more powerful motor. Considering the batteries alone are like $150 on these things the longer 65min runtime vs 50 prob means you can get away with the pro model with one battery compared to the smaller one where you might want another battery to finish a job in one session. Their new hybrid model does look cool though, I personally don't love extension cords in the snow but if that's not a problem it seems like a decent idea.

Also worth mentioning is the electric snow thrower chute controlled by a joystick on the handlebars always makes me smile when I use it for some reason ;)

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I have the snow Joe and it has been great.  I personally like the auger on the Snow Joe better.  I think both are probably good machines.  Don't expect either of them to replace a gas blower in terms of power or feel of quality.  For a wet snow, the Snow Joe is pretty good, but you can't let it build up too much.  For a fluffy snow, the Snow Joe is perfect.  Most of the snows we get in Chicago are pretty fluffy expect at the beginning and end of winter.

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