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Milwaukee M12 copper tube cutter and the M12 plastic pipe shears


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Hi Folks,

I recently bought my son both these products and he is raving about them.

Plumbers and Heating/Ventilation Engineers everywhere these are very very good tools and you can fit the 3ah red lithium batteries in them so they go even longer between battery charges. :)

Well Done Milwaukee ( I will be saving up to get some for myself now) LOL :)

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I don't understand why if Milwaukee was only going to include 1 battery with some of their more power thirsty tool like the M12 Jig saw, band saw, etc., they didn't make it an XC.

Probably because the larger battery is a late comer and they had already geared up to produce the kits by the time it was made available.

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The XC battery was around a good while before the jig saw and the band saw. I remember speculating that it may come with one.

I could speculate that they had the whole product line planned before hand and released in a staggered fashion, so as to keep the brand in the news for a longer period of time, with a lot of different new tools released throughout the year rather than releasing the whole line of tools at one time, and the xc battery was designed and released later in the process. It could also be by design, to get you to spend more money on upgrading your tools.

I have to think that there may be something funky in Milwaukee land as they really shortchanged the V18 line as well.

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