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I made the switch and joined team red


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I bought into Dewalt back when the 20 Volt Brushless and first gen Fuel were both somewhat new. At that time reviewers were as a whole were pretty evenly split with a slight edge to Milwaukee, but I went with Dewalt to save the $50 on that first hammer drill/impact combo.

I really liked everything but when my drill chuck started wobbling, I had to buy another to work while the first was in warranty. Several trips in and out of warranty service and 3 separate new drills and they couldn't get me one that wouldn't shake my whole bench. What bothered me the most was the replacements they sent me kept having older and older date codes, essentially stealing my warranty time.

So anyway with HD's $150 off promo and all my Dewalt tools still current and in decent condition, I figured it was time to switch. After selling the Dewalt it cost me under $200 to re-buy everything Milwaukee.

The drill, impact and recip. clearly smash the Dewalt in every way and I love them so far. I also wanted a cordless fan badly all summer and Dewalt didn't have one, so that'll be nice next year.

My right angle drill and OMT I haven't used yet, but based on feel I think I preferred the Dewalt. I really liked the speed adjust being in the trigger on the Dewalt OMT rather than a dial like the Milwaukee. I suppose usage will tell me more. Neither of those are real high use for me so I can cope.

What really had me concerned since I wasn't sure beforehand was the vacuum. I loved my Dewalt cordless wet/dry and used it everyday, had some pretty useful mods on it too. The Milwaukee, I don't know for sure yet. It's smaller, which I didn't like at first but now I do. It's noticeably more powerful. I think the hose is pretty inferior to the Dewalt hose, and it's shorter. I'm also really, really going to miss being able to get to the attachments and the battery without lifting a lid, as the vacuum lives on the bottom shelf of my tool cart. Now it'll have to come out far more often.

All in all I'm thrilled to be with a better brand, with better warranty service, and more tools that I want.

Dewalt pic is from my ad when selling, Milwaukee pic is just cuz.


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