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Your fathers tools... What's lasted generations?


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actually I have a few older tools that were my fathers that some date back to the 50's most of them are hand tools but a couple power tools as well I just don't use them because they have obviously been replaced with safer and more efficient models....

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I work with my Dad as much as I can, you will always see him using his Yankee Screwdriver, hand/Block plane, etc, etc I had to turn him on to pneumatic nail guns about 15 years ago, he was still installing moulding by hand, setting his nails with his nail set. He still has a ton of old tools, power and hand.. Some of them you just can't beat the quality.

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ya the good old miter boxes......I remember my father swore by these things or I remember he'd say just saw it...I'd say with what and he would grab the ol hand saw.......I'd laugh and say are you crazy........lol



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