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What tools did you buy today?

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UPS stopped by today  

Man, I couldn't help it... there was a spring sale and I splurged. This saw is way overkill for my needs, but it was cheaper than the single 18V brushless saw. I'm just a home DIYer, but I love these

Not a bad Christmas haul at all fellas! Check out my new yellow!

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I picked up the MetaboHPT compact hammer drill kit and bare tool Triple Hammer impact driver from Lowe's.  My military discount didn't apply since the tools were at the minimum retail price ($103.05 for the drill kit and $67.05 for the Triple Hammer).  


I also bought the DeWalt power cleaner but haven't tried it out yet (besides confirming that the Ryobi soap blaster nozzle I grabbed on clearance fits).  I have the EGO mower, but the DeWalt mower kit with two 10Ah batteries at $360 was tempting me.  I need to get a mower for the other house but it won't be an expensive one, so if I get the DeWalt it's staying here and working with the EGO.  

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12 hours ago, Eric - TIA said:

How do you like the Metabo?

I'm liking them so far.  The circular saw has a quiet mode that reduces power but eliminates the trademark high pitch squeal of typical saws.  It's also fairly compact and lightweight compared to my M18 Fuel and even the Gen 5x Ridgid.  The hammer drill seems decent, and the Triple Hammer has four speeds (soft, normal, power, and self-drilling screw) that may come in handy, but I haven't tested them yet.  


I do like the ability to turn off the work lights on the saw and Triple Hammer.  I can't say how often I'll use the feature, but a light isn't always necessary, and I've found some situations where it is a hindrance.


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Lowe's just can't stop tempting me...


I've been considering the Milwaukee M12 installation driver, but the free tool promo just isn't enticing enough.  Choice of right angle drill (pretty much covered by the installation driver kit), rotary tool (I have a Hitachi 12v), 3/8" ratchet (have one), or OMT (have two DeWalts).  So, after walking through my local HD and picking up some toilet paper and a Ryobi surface cleaner for the pressure washer, I headed over to the Blue Store.


Long story short, I now own a Bosch 18v hammer drill and Freak impact kit.  Originally $349, it was on clearance for $139, less than either of the tools by themselves.  They had a similar kit for $179 but the hammer drill in it has less impressive specs.  While there I also picked up the last two USB power hubs for $11 and change (originally $29), since my DeWalt and Ridgid ones are MIA.  



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I ordered a Woodpeckers Clamping Square Plus Rack-It Kit. I wanted a nice set of clamping squares. I went with these because of the metal construction and the quality you get with a Woodpeckers product. More affordable options didn't appeal to me whether it be because of their build quality, feature set, or design. The set is expected to arrive in June.

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