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New Day New project.....


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Well today picked out some wood for a project I'm doing....going to be making a wood sheath and matching handle for one of my son's 6 swords. This one is a Bastard Sword or also known as a Hand and a Half.

the wood used will be Padauk also known as Vermillion with Juglans Nigra also known as Dark Walnut



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thanks guys

@Mikeyb ya I have a local guy that usually has pretty much anything I can afford...lol some of this wood is crazy expensive.....looking at Santo Rosewood .....not bad at $44 a board foot..........

anyways here is what I got so far.....have all measurements cut into 3 and marked off for angle cuts. the sheath will have walnut on an angle at top and bottom 





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ok so it's back to square one....(no pun intended) let's say back to a solid piece of wood again......only difference is now the blade fits perfectly in the square well not really a square.....planed it down to S4S then will sand once I cut out top groove for blade handle and shape bottom end.....









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ok so the scabbard for the sword is complete, from the top to the bottom I tapered it by 1/8" to a rounded point. here it is after 280/600 grit sanding.....handle is next.......









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