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Roto Rooter to the rescue


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That sucks!! I hope the bill wasn't too bad. I had to have a drain line snaked for the first time ever at my house knock on wood it seems to be fine now. You have to watch those flush able butt wipes they can clog older pipes. I actually want to get a fancy toilet seat bidet but the prices are so dang high!!

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Clog about 25' down. Had the guy replace some rusted plumbing while he was down there. $550 later -ouch-

I should quit school and become a plumber. Being so close to the holiday, already working last minute on gifts. I didn't have time to mess around and rent a snake.

Those t-pons destroy plumbing, of course the woman never own up.

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Yea, the money is good but I don't know if I want to deal with sewage on a daily basis though!!! The only plumbing I could do is new construction where everything is nice and clean :) I realized if I had to pick a trade it would be electrician it pays well probably the least dirty out of all the trades. Trim carpenter probably would be too bad either. Just know I wouldn't want to do cement, framing, drywall, insulation, or roofing all of those jobs are super physical and some don't pay well at all depending on who you work for.

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