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air compressor problem

Justin O'Brien

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This may be the wrong forum so i appoligize if it is. I have an air compressor that has a 20 gallon tank and a 5.5 hp honda gas motor on it with a cast iron pump. It had been sitting for a little bit, i cleaned it and cleaned the carberator,out new gas in it and started it up. It has a couple issues with it. One is when its on it runs so hard it littlerally shakes the whole compressor around speratically almost like the RPMS are too high. 2 problem is, the idle on it wont work. When running it will fill the tank up passed the max psi of the tank. It never goes to idle just stays running hard unless i manuelly pull the choke on it. Any one knows the problem and how to fix this. Thankyou

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From the issues you describe, it might be best if you were to take the tool to a repair service center and have them attempt to diagnose the problems. If this is not feasible, then the first thing I would do would be to inspect the pressure cut-off switch to see if something in it is jamming its function or if the small pressure tube that feeds it is blocked. As far as the vibrations you are experiencing, there are just too many variables that could cause the issue to be able to give any accurate advice without actually seeing and hearing the unit run.

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