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Kreg Automax clamps


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So I got a kreg Jr. For christmas and started using it yesterday. I got the Automax clamp as that was recommended by kruton. Just have to say that this clamp is hands down the best clamp out there. Makes working with the jig so easy, they are a little costly I got this 3 inch for 20 last week the price popped up but this thing is awesome. You could use it even if you don't have a kreg jig.


I know comp has spoken very highly of this clamp as well, if you need a good clamp give this one a look!

Kreg KHC-1410 Automaxx 3-Inch Face Clamp https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00D3IQLWW/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awd_UerHwbX9N79XP


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I'm hoping to get the k4 in the near future Jimbo so I will definitely have to pick one of these up also. Thanks!

Check out the Porter cable pocket hole jig. Looks to be much better than the kreg. I have a k4 and like the look of the pc a lot.

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This one is awesome. I was trying to think of who made it. But if you are wanting a pocket hole jig. This is it. Works much better than the kreg. And it's an even higth to the table. If you need extensions to hold wide or long materials. And you don't need to move the collar on the bit. Just well thoght out. But they don't advertise it at all.


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I have heard a LOT of positives about the PC but have not used it. I love my Kreg, it suits me just fine and for the money out it was a no brainier at the time. And I'd agree with Rich that the K5 is definitely the cats meow of the different types of Kregs out there. I have the K4, I don't use it all the time but it's a great jig and in an effort to offer myself the benefits of the K5 I added a base with extensions to support material. I made mine out of OSB, sanded the edges and it works pretty well. If I were buying one for the first time the K4 is generally $99 and the K5 is $139, I'd probably spend the extra and go with the K5, mostly for the support and I have had mine for years so it doesn't have the DC hood which you really should have as the chips get in the way.

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