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Impact wrench boot


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Has anybody seen/heard of a protective boot being made for DeWalt's new brushless impact wrenches? The tool can only live through so much.

Can't find one any were! May try one from ingersal rand or one of them? Maybe it'll fit close? Or cut it and epoxie back together? That sux that there isn't one any where. You would think Dewalts main web site would have them too. [emoji107] [emoji13] [emoji22] [emoji36] [emoji35]


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I cant say ive ever seen one,maybe try one from another manufacture or something. To be honest id be surprised if they made these for cordless tools,depending on design on the motor vents,you dont wanna block those.

Milwaukee makes a boot for their HT impact.


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I guess I look at it slightly differently. I have seen the 18 volt tools that managed to survive being blown up in IED explosions in Iraq (literally laying on the ground after a truck was hit). Pick them up put a battery in them and they run. I think a few drops won't hurt them too bad.


These same tools, batteries and chargers were used at temperatures that rarely dropped into the upper charging limit for DeWALT, but somehow worked.

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I have the DCF899B and wanted the boots. Low and behold MAC tools Makes what ima guess is the Identical impact  BWP151-M2  And you guessed it they have a protective cover for it. 



im gonna take the chance and order it because the tools Look identical. Some re-badge engineering going on here. 


Oh and they have Battery Protective Boots too. come on dewalt whats it take to make this with your name on it. 



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