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makita charger DC18SD


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Hi there,


I have bought in US cordless drill Makita with charger. I have moved to europe, here is different voltage 230V, so it is logical to use some device what change voltage 230V to required 120V. But I have looked to my brothers charger, it is absolutely same product name and code accept label on back side, where is different input voltage. Do you mean, is possible the manufacturer is producing same charger and use only two different labels for US and European market? See attached pictures.post-53962-0-91170700-1452342003_thumb.j I do not want to damage a charger to put direct to plug. I am interesting in your opinions. Thanks

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Don't plug it in as it will go bang my friend bought the same charger from America it was in a kit and when he got it back to the UK he changed the plug and it went pop , best thing would be to just buy a UK charger as they aren't that expensive and put a 110v plug on your charger and sell it on eBay as a site charger as in the UK all work sites only use 110v

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Only way it would work is if there is an active pfc circuit. You find them in larger power supplies in computers etc... But then it usually states 100-250V. From the pictures, it doesn't looks like there is such a thing tho.

So no, it won't work. And remember, they don't change the layout unecessary, and the designs is expected to be almost identical. The difference is in how the transformer is wound, the input capacitors rating, and circuit breaker.

And without the active PFC circuit, it would probably blow up. An Active PFC circut in such low power equipment would be a bit unecessary and expensive. So it is not really something I would expect.

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