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What are you using for a utility (razor) knife


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In my tool bag I carry a Lenox gold quick change retractable knife. I like the solid nose piece, and how easy it is to change blades, and how well it fits in my hand. For my back up knife I have one of Stanelys ubiquitous 10788 curved knives, it is a good knife it just doesn't feel as comfortable in my hand as the Lenox does.

I do a lot of cardboard recycling, at my recycling area I have one of the no longer available Fat Max Extreme retractables, as this knife is really big and doesn't fit in my bags easily and this size make it more comfortable to cut with when I let to much cardboard pile up and have to spend a lot of time cutting it up.

When I'm up on the roof, I have one of Bostitchs dual blade knives in my pouch. with a hook blade in one side and a straight blade in the other. It is a pretty good knife, but it can be hard to clean.

For drywall I don't think that the venerable Stanley 199 can be beat, I don't use retractable knives for drywall because it annoys me no end how quickly the get gummed up with dust.

As for snap blade knives, I use a Fat Max extreme for working with insulation. I have a medium sized Tajima that I keep around for opening shrink wrapped packages and a small pen sized stainless steel Olfa that sits in my desk.

I have way to many knives, these are the ones I choose to use on an daily basis.

What I could use is a recommendation for a safety knife. One that auto retracts would be good.

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I don't have a lot of knives yet, but after listening to you guys I am starting to get antsy. My main knife is the Milwaukee Fastback knife. I want a good folding knife with a true blade.

In regards to safety knives, I haven't seen a lot except for the Wiss Auto-Retracting knife

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As for safety knives. Some contractors are starting to demand they be used on their job sites. I've also noticed just about every retailer is now issuing them to their employees. Maybe we will see some good knives come about because of this.

I tried one similar to the Wiss, Irwins version. I don't think I care for the thumb operated ones, I have been thinking of trying one of Garveys which is a body grip style.

My Milwaukee knife is always coming loose even after applying Loctite, and both the blade holder and the folding joint are a sloppy fit.. I may try to remachine the thicker of the bodies side down a little to tighten it up a bit. I want to like this knife, I like the way it can be flipped open and closed, but I just can't take the way it works now.

A couple knives I just don't get are Stanleys and Dewalts folding and retractable knives. I tried carrying one for a day and unless I was really pressed for space, I don't see a need for this type of knife, I don't find them comfortable to use at all, either. I EDC a small Gerber EAB that is much smaller.

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