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Klien replacing Snap-On


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Thanks to TIA and Klien tools for the Christmas giveaway I received a new set of Klein all purpose pliers. I had a pair of Snap-On all purpose pliers that I've had from working at a dealership years ago, which were spring loaded but flimsy at the same time. The wire stripping and crimping was fine but the cutters and pliers were soft (look closely at the picture) screw cutters were useless. I ended up buying separate pair of diagonal cutters. When these Klein arrived I was impressed with quality and feel of them. Especially since made in the USA, their plant is 20 minutes away from me. The grips were perfect sized for me. The laser engraving was crystal clear and the needle nose pliers actually worked. The cutters and crumpers worked flawlessly. Gonna put them to test in a few weeks while adding some USB receptacles. The TIA crew has opened my eyes to Klien tools.

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I really like these pliers a lot. I highly recommend them if you do wiring or need a large crimper or bolt shearing. They have a model without the crimper for about $10 less if you don't need it. I like my automatic wire strippers but these are great for a tool bag or somewhere you can't fit the large auto strippers. The teeth are nice and sharp, these are really comparable to Knipex in quality but the functionality surpasses anything Knipex or anyone else seems to offer.


Seriously, watch this video. I did and added it to my wishlist on Amazon, few months later I received one in a TiA giveaway!

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Wow the Snap On pliers look like junk compared to the Kleins. I bet like a lot of tools it's not really made by Snap-On either a bunch of their stuff is relabels or while label oem stuff especially the power tools.


I think those are rebranded for Snap On. Most of those type of wire strippers are pretty comparable, in my opinion. I have a pair of Kleins I think you'd say the same thing about, they don't really need to be as nice as these all-purpose pliers.



The Kleins aren't perfect, there's little things like the tips are not the same size. Knipex(left) gets this right every time, it doesn't photograph well because you can't tell the open spot on the Knipex is the valley of a tooth.



...but at the same time the Kleins do the major things soo right like threading the bolt shear so the threads remain perfect after cutting.


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Is that for the crimper or the model with the spring? At my HD, that's the price of the model with the spring, which is $30-33 on Amazon. The crimper model is $44-45 on Amazon. I believe the differences are the crimper and teeth, versus just a spring and the gauge of wire stripping. I believe the crimper model is the one that goes to the smaller gauge wire.

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