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Brand new Pirelli PZero's just got screwed....


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They should be able to just plug it but it still sucks it being new and all.

I feel your pain Jerry, was surprised to hear that passenger car tires required more then 35 lbs of air. Assuming they are car tires? I have been out of the car game for a long time lol. The tires on my truck require 45 lbs and I can't go lower then 40 before it trips the tps. Also $320 to replace one. Ouch!. Oh and they are factory, not after market. Good old BFG's. Thanks Ford. Good luck, buddy I'm hear for you

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Yeah it's an Audi S3 with 235/35 R19 PZeros. I was thinking of pulling them for the winter but was driving in some light snow earlier and with the S3's AWD it was fine, also made it a little more fun because in the dry it's nearly impossible to break the tires free without doing something really stupid, that or using launch control to light all four up :P Well fun until the computer warned me the tire pressure in the front right corner was low... But yeah I just picked it up a couple weeks ago and never bothered to look at the tire pressure label on the door sill and was kinda surprised to see 44psi listed. The manual says that's more for maximum capacity and 39/36 is good for normal loads. Good thing I got the optional magnetic suspension to soften it up on bad roads with such high psi tires with minuscule sidewalls.

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it is all related to diameter of the wheels, old school for many years was 15" for most full size cars and the magic number was 32 psi

some trucks were 16" 35-40psi.

now rubber technology is totally different, there compounds are so varied. sidewalls are 3/4" of an inch in some cases now some cars are coming off the lot with 22" wheels totally different era....

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