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What is the oldest thing you found


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I was cleaning up the shop and came across a box that I remember being around the house for a very long time.........let's go back...I was 9 years old playing outside in the back yard near a tree. I was playing with dinky toys ( little steel cars) and was making roads ect ect well there was a tree root right where I wanted a road so my thinking was to dig a bit to go under the root and make the road have a tunnel remember I'm only around 9yrs old. anyway I dug about 3 or 4 inches down and hit something it was a rusted tin box in side from what I remember was a few papers that were completely destroyed and this thing.....

after many any years I find out it was civil war era and what they call a Daguerreotypes case or a Union case there was no picture and it looked like from what I can figure never was a picture. the style dates to 1858-1860 if anyone knows more about something like this let me know as side from one little corner it is in pretty good shape...there is an oval picture cover under the fancy ornate brass that looks like brand new that would be visable with a picture installed





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Ok Yeah i read you live in Canada that's why I asked about that. This is truly fascinating. I'm just curious how it could have made it's way up there....

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ya wondered that as well, I was only living in Canada for a very short time at that time......mind you we only live about 35 miles from the border not that it would mean much....
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I'm sure it has a good story behind it, and don't expect it to be worth a lot of money but it is old and it is in tack and in good shape for it's age if anything it is interesting....

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I'm with you Comp. I wouldn't sell that. First off, cool story. Then the fact that it's from that era, that's just neat. Nope, some polish and maybe a nice hardwood display case with maybe a family photo in it.....that's a really nice ornamental display.

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I buried a "treasure" in my parents backyard when I was a little tike in 1978ish.  It's an Vietnam area ammo case, I put all kinds of stuff in there, including some Hot Wheels, a few of my favorite marbles, and a Hostess Twinkie LOL.  The house is still in our family, has my brother bought it from my parents.  

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