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Made a metal detecting shovel over the weekend


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Nice. I like your purple finger too, the last time my fingerwas that multicolored I had hit it with large hammer :P


LOL I hear ya brotha  YOUCH!!!!!!!  


Awesome! What metal detector do you have? I been researching on and off for one, has I been wanting to pick one up.


I have a Garrett ACE 350  Great little detector for just starting off.  Very easy to use.


good job...I like it


Thanks Its a little different......ok alot different ha ha 

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Nice shovel design. I need one those shovels here in Texas too.


I based the design off of http://www.predatortools.com/products/model-35-piranha    basically a $100 shovel.  One of their most popular 


Looks like a self defense shovel too!


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Yeah I wouldnt want to get hit with it thats for sure LOL  

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I bought a metal detector last summer, dug up the entire yard. We found so really neat stuff. Really neat shovel, happy hunting.


I found a baseball token/coin in my back yard and a WHOLE bunch of modern pennies 


Very cool looking shovel 2late!

Thanks I appreciate it 

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