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New 12V (10.8V) brushless


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Nice dude I want one of them jackets


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The garment is very nice, much better than I feared. :) Love it. It heats and looks great too. 


On my jacket I have found one a little irritating problem/bug, and that is that the unit "shuts down" (must re-connect the battery) randomly if you have activated the USB charger. Usually triggered if the charging is lost and re-connected. But it also happends that it happends after half a minute of charging, and standing still. It will not charge, and any heating will also stop until the battery is reconnected. 


Which in turn is frustrating, since the machining on the adapter is not the best. It is to tight fit, and is hard to pull apart. (and the battery shows signs of friction after a few re-connects)


Edit: It might be the cable's at fault here. Looks good for now with another cable.

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Tried cutting with an 2mm abrasive disc today, but after some cutting, it seemed like it more or less melted the metal rather than cutting. :P

A little bit weird way of cutting with this thing. :P Probably should have moved it more back and forth more, to not heat up the metal in one place. Or use an 1mm cutting disc. Easier on the tool too. 


But the vacuume did they job perfectly. And even in battery-mode, it didn't seem to do any worse sucking up the glowing chips. Pretty sweet. :)

The hose connection to the grinder did heat up a little bit though, but did not melt or damage anything. They probably should have choosen an aluminium adapter on that grinder-cover. But fair enough, it did its job. 

As an engineer, I did want to study the inner mechanics of that Vacuume motor/controller. But could not get it appart without damaging anything, even with the five screws out on top out. :(

Would be interesting to know if it uses some kind of down-transforming from 230V, or what the voltage range on that motor is. Adding a third or fourth battery to make it even more powerfull would be a cool project.




Got to really test the Bosch 10,8V mini-grinder, and it performed beautiful. It did cut out one time, but the other times I tried forcing it, it cuts out for a second and if you release the pressure imidently, it will continue/start up again automatic. Very nice!


Power-vice, it is a lot closer to a 18V grinder, than the underpowered dremel tools out there. And given it's weight and size, it just feels really impressive.

And the brake! It's the best. Stops in an instant. Making many small cuts in an instant. With the carbide cutter, it litteraly cuts into wood like a hot knife. I gotta admit, this is a must have tool! :D 

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