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Zippo lighters


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Here you go, making me feel old again, I'm an ex smoker and still enjoy a good lighter. I have a few Zippos, the oldest being one engraved with Reddy Kilowatt, that famous mascot of power companies. I got that lighter from an friend in the late 70s and as far as I can tell it was made in the early 50s. I EDC a Bic lighter, just because I have a bad habit of destroying or loosing everything I carry when I get to crawling and climbing around. Another of my favorite lighters is Country Comm peanut lighter. I'm still looking for a decent butane "storm" lighter, one that I could count on in adverse conditions and have found all that I have come across to be posers, not a single one worthy of being called an armored durable lighter.

Cool accessory Zippo fuel storage device, great for when your heading out for longer than your lighter fuel supply will last but not long enough to carry a full sized can of fuel.

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I love zippo lighters. I am an on/off smoker. I have tried to quite so many time, but it never works. I have had three zippos in the past and they all are lost. It's weird I can hold on to my piece of junk .89 lighter, but my nice zippos are gone in a month.

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lol, my Zippo has been lost and found more times than I can count. I traded a truck in one time and the dealership actually called 2 days later and told me they found it. It's amazing how it always finds it's way home. I've thought about putting it away and getting a new one, but I never can get myself to do it.

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