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That tool you can't help but grab


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If your like me, you've got a peg board or a toolbox (or both) full of tools that were manufactured and purchased for specific but limited range of task. What I want to know is which of those tools do you find yourself reaching for the most? I'm not talking about which one you have the most use for, I'm talking about the one you FIND the most use for. That one tool you can't help but reach for even when you know another tool is probably better suited for the job. That one tool that just feels so right in your hand that your willing to improvise to make it work.

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I have three tools that I use "more" than I should.

  1. Circular saw. I really hate having to drag out a table saw or miter saw for just a cut or two. If you can't build it with a circular saw , it probably can't be built.
  2. Klein 11 in 1 screwdriver, yes a regular screwdriver is a lot more sturdy, but the convenience of of having most common bits available in a small package that is easy to carry around make this just good enough tool, a daily use one.
  3. Vice grips, who needs a set of wrenches or clamps when you have vice grips?

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I'm constantly reaching for my Proto bent needle nose pliers. They're so handy I just can't stop myself from grabbing them. I broke about 1/4 off one of the tips. Ground them down with a bench grinder and they're good as new.

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I have an old big flat driver that gets used for all sorts too. LOL :)

While I do have my "beat-on" screwdriver, I find that I use my painters 6 in 1 for most of my can't be bothered to go fetch the right tool jobs. I use it as a scraper, a pry bar, a hammer, a screwdriver (the pointed end even works to drive phillips)a putty knife, and it works great at jimmying doors and windows open too. I don't understand why this tool doesn't get more love, and why people look at me funny for carrying it

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