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Finally a Ford Truck I Might Like.....


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Its sharp, but honestly I'm not a fan they called it a Shelby.  That a perfect example of what Carol would not have done.  Needs to loose the lift, get bigger wheels and street tires with sport tuned suspension, NOT fox racing.  Just my opinion tho, it looks like just another raptor

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Nice for a Ford. I don't think I'd buy one whereas the Raptor is pretty cool looking. Still a Toyota and Mopar guy :)

your right I'm not a ford guy at all but for some reason this caught my eye, might be the 700HP

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3 hours ago, PROTOOLNUT said:

OK that is really strange, why would you need 700HP for a F150? Because its not like you will ever tow anything that would utilize that horse power, afterall a F150 has a limited towing capacity. Now if you had a 700HP F350, well, that would be something else entirely!


I have heard of pickup truck racing before though and I wonder if thats what that truck is really designed for, not so much hauling, more like getting her up to 160 miles per hour and saying, wait what was that, that was a truck, drivin by buck, who likes to fu***


This is not a functional pick up truck, this is the type of truck that drives around mud puddle as opposed to flooring it to drive through a mud puddle.  You won't haul in it, or tow, you'll just drive around smelling your fancy cheese boating your 90,000 dollar useless pick up truck your afraid to put a 2x4 in.

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