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Old plumber meets new phone :)


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Hi folks,

Just got an all singing all dancing new phone and all I have to do now is figure out how the bloody thing works. LOL :D

:angry: So jealous...

I can't have nice things like smartphones, I always end up trashing them in short order, even busted up a bunch of so called armored phones, so I purchase the cheapest phones I can get and swap out the SIM when the inevitable disaster occurs.

I so could use BuildCalc

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J.C.B make a phone (Yep the folks that make the big yellow diggers lol ).It's called a site master costs less than a hundred quid and it is supposed to be damn near indestructible. :D

They also make what they call the tough phone which is about 240 quid so that one must be bomb proof. LMAO.

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h.t.c one X.

It is bigger than my old phone and free with my upgrade so thought I would give a 4 core phone,with a decent camera and H.D video so I could maybe learn to shoot a bit of video or take some decent quality photographs to go with reviews for the forum. :)

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