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Sub-divide TSTAK or Pro Organizer Bins

Richard Zellmer

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Have not seen any dividers out there

What is interesting is in the dewalt website they list as a feature...  Wondering if I can buy sheets of plastic the right thickness, I could always cut my own. 

  • Removable dividers for inner customization of small tools and parts"



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Both the Tstak organizer and 'Pro' organizer have bins that have these slots in the corner that appear to be for inserts to divide the bins in half or quarters.  Anyone know if there are dividers available?


I attached a picture of the pro organizer but the tstak has same bins


let me look into this for you.. 

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Do you mean that is has those bins/cups or do you mean it has the bins/cups and comes with the dividers?  Thanks...

I checked and it has the bins like that only no dividers but can be made very easily.


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The grooves’ purpose is to allow you to pile the cups one on top of the other.

To purchase the cups separately, as far as I see, you should enter the product on DEWALT.com, you can click on “Need a part of this product?”

You are then forwarded into servicenet.dewalt.com where you can order the cups.


They are looking into why the actual container isn't on the product section of site.


I have a follow up reconfirming no divides in those grooves

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