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Milwaukee Warranty?

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I recently sent in a m18 fuel sawzall for a repair. It is supposed to be the best cordless sawzall Milwaukee makes. I will be honest I am a master electrician and yes I use it for work, I don’t use often or beat it up. This is the second time I have sent my sawzall back both times without and warning the trigger stoped working and the light blinks. With the first repair the tool was replaced with no questions, this time I received an email saying it’s not. The tool is not that old and hasn’t been abused. They told me it’s not a defect and it will be $170 to repair the trigger. I am extremely disappointed, I have had a corded version of this saw for 15 years without any trouble but the chord-less one has been disappointing at best. Has anyone else had trouble with Milwaukee filings a claim? I have 2 drills, 2 drivers, lights,  circular saw, oscillating saw, grinder, SDS drill, propress. I would have a difficult time buying another Milwaukee tool if this is how they handle my warranty claim. Like so many, I use these tools to make my living. I do not buy cheap tools, when I have something broken and it needs to be repaired it affects my business. It’s bad enough I have to go without this tool, it’s worse when they will not honor their own warranty. I have called to fallow up on this and I got a recording. 

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I would reach out to someone on MKE's Facebook page they are usually more willing to help a customer out. You never know and you might just get a CSR having a bad day.

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