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Is there the perfect site toolbox system with wheels?


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Dewalt have brought to the market the tough stacking portable toolbox system.

But how do these stack up on a REAL job site with 3 inch lumps of stone everywhere, mud ankle deep and lots and lots of rain and mud?

I had 2 of the older design of Stanley toolboxes with wheels and yes they were tough, with a big lower box with large lift out tray and another smaller box on top again with a tray that lifted out.

I dragged them on and off a very very rough site for a year, the mud clogged the wheels then froze so the wheels locked and they became the worst sled in history.Then when it thawed on site and the mud was six inches deep they trailed crap everywhere and I wore a hole clean through the side of one on the stone covering the site prior to the roads being laid,so when I opened the box the next day all my tools were covered in crap.

So I ask the question again "Is there a perfect wheeled tool box system for REAL building sites?"

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None that I have found. The people that design these things seem to think construction only happens on finished floors. Luckily landscapers and nurserymen know how to deal with these things. Just park (or bolt down) a small job box or chest on one of them and away you go. I often appreciate the ability to lock up my tools on some jobs. I also resort to a regular hand truck if I'm just carting a few things.

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In my line of work a big ol bag is all you need. However, I've never seen one that looked to be spectacularly tuff.

While it may not look tuff, I'll say my Veto bag has proved to be pretty durable. It only has a few frayed bits from me jamming a sharp pry bar into it. I really like the plastic tub bottom, it allows me to put it down on wet grass or mud and not have the contents get wet.

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My bag, or grip as it's referred to on the railroad, is a large Carhartt tool bag. It's lasted 5 years now and is still in very good shape.

Carhart makes some good stuff, I was really disappointed to learn that they are mixing in imported wares in what was an all American line. I really like their brown duck work pants, overalls, and shorts.

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