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Showcase your TIA swag!


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Yeah there's all sorts of stuff under the Porter Cable brand.


Just a small fraction of the Stanley/Black & Decker conglomerate.


Just like any other brand alot of their stuff is good,some is not. Ive been using Porter Cable for years its good for my DIY needs. Really like my Bosch stuff too 

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7 hours ago, PROTOOLNUT said:


Hey, I got a TIA sticker on my air compressor too! I like your Huskey, silant flow ha, but looks like its in a box anyways hehe. Well, my air compressor is louder then most people's compressors, so its easy to see why I want to build a box for it. The only problem with building a box for an air compressor, is you need to allow holes for airflow, so like one hole for the intake, and one hole for the fan that keeps the unit cool. You also need to allow a hole for your air line, and a hole for the drain. I hear that sound proofing material can make the sound even quieter but I've been told the stuff is expensive. Ya, imagine that, foam being expensive lol!

As far as sound deadening goes, I'll teach you guys a trick that is only known among a select few guys like myself who run around in rice burners and some hicks. If you are looking for an expensive sound deadening liner, Dynamat is the name to know, but if you're a schmuck like the rest of us and want a cheap effective alternative, run down to Lowes and grab yourself some peal-n-seal self adhering flashing from the roofing aisle. It works well as sound deadening for sheet metal at low cost. This has been used with varying levels of success on a few of my vehicles. Sorry for the hijack.

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56 minutes ago, comp56 said:

go to scrap yard rip out sound deadener from under carpets of cars double it up if need be cheap cheap works good too....

Also a great idea, the only times this is is a problem us when you want the dense stuff because it is almost always adhered to the metal. The other problem you encounter is when the nearest scrap yard is over two hours away :( .

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