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milwaukee grinder questions


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Hey, guys. I'm a mason by trade and I was laying some bricks the other day, and I ran into a little problem. I was laying up to a window and I was using my non-Fuel grinder to cut the half bricks that were to be laid next to the window. Now usually my grinder slices through pretty easily but these bricks were much harder than ones I usually deal with. Well the grinder kept cutting off and it was getting annoying. I could have used my Stihl chop saw, but that means crawling down the scaffold, yanking on the cord, and making a large cloud of dust. Its just easier to use my grinder to cut them when I'm up on scaffold. I saw that my local hardware store is having a $100 rebate on all Milwaukee Fuel kits. So, for all you guys that own the Fuel grinder, will this be a better/more powerful option? I don't want to buy it and learn that its just a little better than the non-Fuel version. Thanks for your time.

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I in fact have the fuel grinder but I can not tell you if it is going to be way better than the version you have as I only used the fuel. I am very happy with it if that helps. according to most reviews the fuel is a lot more grinder than the non fuel

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1 hour ago, PROTOOLNUT said:

You are talking about heavy power requirements, meaning a lot of amps. Milwaukee cordless tools are designed to kick the power off if too much stress is put on the tool, to keep you from smoking the tool. I recommend that you buy a 13 AMP corded tool to get the job done that also has an dust extraction port. I know thats not what you wanted to hear, but its what you needed to hear. Good luck...

that isn't the issue, my fuel grinder is a killer of a tool and it grinds like crazy.......

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Just now, JimboS1ice said:

How does that new hitachi stack up again the fuel? Be a cool comparison to see



It doesn't have the power of the FUEL. It's better than most brushed grinders, but it's not a match of the Makita BL or FUEL (or Metabo which I haven't tried).

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