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Battery Problems if you have had problems with a power tool battery share them here.


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I would like folks to share which batteries they have had problems with and why?

Also what kind of service you folks got when things went wrong?

My Milwaukee V28 batteries were/are very short lived, they loose half their power in less than a year and I had one that had a self discharge issue, wouldn't stay charged for more than a few days if left idle. I got nothing from Milwaukee. I have had Makita LXT batteries just shut down, and refuse to be charged, Sometimes very early in their life. All have eventually succumbed around the 2 year mark (which I can't complain about because by that time I've gotten my moneys worth out of them), No joy from Makita, they claim overload/abuse on the short lived ones and normal wear and tear on the longer lived ones.

I'll assume your not interested in my Ni-Cads, which I have had far less problems. I will comment that I have had much better life from rebuilds.

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Interested in them all Pal.

I have only had 3 Ni-Cad failures, The first was a 9.6 Makita stick, I'm guessing that it had an internal wiring failure, I was hammer drilling with a freshly charged battery and it just stopped. It was replaced under warranty. Next I had a 12v Milwaukee fail on the charger, it had goo coming out of it when I took it off the charger, never worked again. It was an old battery. The last Ni-Cad failure was with a Milwaukee 18v in one of those Hatchet sawzalls, It overloaded to the point that a whiff of smoke came out and never took another charge.

Also in the reverse if things do work we need to balance this out and make sure we let people know about that too.

I have always been amazed at the longevity of Makitas 9.6v sticks, even back in the day when I was using them daily, it was not unusual for them to last 6 or 7 years, granted they were not as good as new at the end, but they would still hold enough of a charge to get a few holes drilled. I find it even more amazing that I can go to my local big box and still get this battery, Can' say that about Milwaukee, I can't find any of there older Ni-Cads for sale.

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Bosch 10.8v Lithium Ion went bad, Hitachi 18v Lithium Ion 6 years old and still going strong.

In the past Dewalt were not bad, but not great either, but that was several years ago.

Makita of recent years, everyone I know has had to swap out batteries.

My new Metabo gear is great, but then again it should be as I have not had them long enough to be having problems, but will be keeping an eye on them and reporting honestly on how things go.

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Ive had two compact m18 milwaukee red lithium batteries fail on me after 4 months of use.

I rarely used them considering i have more XC batteries.maybe 40 charges all together and they cut out and wouldnt charge.

I called milwaukee they told to send them in with my own money and that it would take 2 months to get them back to me.

When they recieved they called me and told that sawdust on the outside suggested abuse on the batteries and they denied me warranty service.

My makita lithium ion batteries all made it to a 6 year mark after a ton of use and charging and two out of the 4 wont charge anymore a good run for the money tho but i have heard locally that any exposure to moisture will kill a makita battery but they say that milwaukee,bosch and other batteries arent affected by the moisture.

Hows the battery life on your 18v metabo impact driver?

my milwaukee one is starting to die out thinking about switching....

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Very disappointed to hear about your Milwaukee warranty problem. These forums are a great way to scold a manufacturer. They read them and they know a lot of others do as well. It's not unheard of to see something from a site like this pop up on a manufacturers web or social media site.

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I am being 100% honest here, mine are incredible.

When you consider it pulls 50amps out of the 3ah and 4ah power extreme versions of the battery they last great.They are Grade A cells in them and I would honestly hand on heart recommend this platform to anyone.

Small niggles like no belt hook and some folks don't like the position of some of the switches, but I have been very happy. :)

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I work on big job sites so it depends on what I am doing.

But runtime is always relative.The power and accuracy of the tools is awsome and it is a real shame U.S buyers have to buy a bare tool model of the L.T.X combi hammer drill from abroad to get one with impulse because I use it a lot and it is a great function to have.

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