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1 minute ago, PROTOOLNUT said:

Hmm, thats easy, I want a desalinization tool. Your surrounded by ocean, the human body needs water above all else. You need a tool to remove the salt from the sea water, then to boil it so that you can drink it. This aint like Giliggans island, your talking for real, so I am serious for real.


Great idea PROTOOL. Most people think your surrounded by water but your really surrounded by death. All that water and if you drink it your done for. 

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1 minute ago, PROTOOLNUT said:


OK think about this with me for a second. Think about how dense water is, its extremely dense. When you try to swim, its much harder to move then it is when your walking on land. So your telling me, that little oh battery is going to last long enough to propell you miles back to the mainland? No way. Think about how big outboard motors are, generally your looking at 700CC's, and thats gas!


Have you ever been in a row boat before? I have, and for fun, I decided to row the boat back to the lake shore, and let me tell you, that was the biggest arm workout I ever got in my life! No, no little battery is going to last you, now maybe if you had a large marine 24 volt deep cycle, now that I could see propelling you a few miles for sure. But you said a tool right, well, no tool has a 24 volt deep cycle attached to it lol.

it said an island in the middle of nowhere, it could 50 feet from mainland....lol

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I never leave home without it on my hip. I use it everyday for something. 


I have had SAKs over the years and kept returning to my leathermans

The S30V steel in that blade puts every other knife I've held to shame. I don't abuse it like I have my past few leatherman that I annihilated and it works for me. I keep a Buck fixed blade on my hip for doing the stuff that is hard on knives like cutting twine on bales and keep the leatherman for when something needs a nice sharp blade to cut open. The leatherman has saved me several times on the side of the road.

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4 minutes ago, Millerzconstruction said:

I guess if I could only have one tool... I guess it would have to be a good knife. Some kind of fixed blade. I'm in to hen and rooster brand knives right now. So a fixed 6in hen and rooster knife.


I just looked those up. Looks like I'll have to expand my knife collection eventually.

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On 3/13/2016 at 11:47 PM, jswoger1986 said:

So your stuck on an island in the middle of nowhere you can only have one tool and the necessary items that go with the tool. What do u want to have with u

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For me I prefer to use Swiss Knife because it is all around use. I can use use for hunting for food, cutting and also for survival against wild beast or animals.

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