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Calling any plumbers


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I have a two year old house that has a problem with the "trap" under the kitchen sink. It is a very strange design that doesn't work to well.  

11863d1220626085-leaky-bathroom-sink-dra Looking at this drawing you can see the "washer" below the slip nut. The pipe at our house doesn't have the ridge shown right under the washer it is just a smooth surface and the washer can slip off causing the trap to break free and make a mess when using the garbage disposal. Should this "washer" be put on with some kind of adhesive or plumbers putty of some kind? This has caused a mess three times today being the third. Any ideas? #TIA

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If it is plastic you do not need a washer there or any sealant, if the pipe attached to trap has a taper to it you do not need a washer there. In this picture where the trap connects is this what you are talking about?? A washer is not required to make the seal, the taper in the pipe seals against the trap. Hope this helps


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What Justin said. Its a compression joint basically. Is the "washer" material plastic?

And also, in your diagram, the spot where it has a ridge, if you refer to Justin's pic, that same spot does not use one of those washers, it has beveled surface to make a mechanical seal, then the nut tightens down on the bottom part of the trap.


To jimbo: deja vu? Thought this was him again lol

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