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Lazy Maybe?......


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How incredibly lazy can you get?, I know having fancy things in your house to be cutting edge but this to me not only looks stupid the whole idea of it is just tasteless...

hope it has a phone built in.......hmmm ya can you come over, your dad and I are stuck between the first and second floor again......


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I would want a urinal in mine. Just in case some asshole moved the chair under my lift and I got stuck for a long time. Actually I would probably just use it to throw stuff in when surprise company was coming over. Stuff all your junk in and send it to the second floor.

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So you do realize that if a woman uses that elevator, she will be in the shaft. And that guy seems to be enjoying the shaft a little too much. Getting excited over an elevator is the equivalent to watching paint dry. And if you get excited over watching paint dry, then you haven't lived a life yet, or maybe you have lived a life, but the life you lived was so raw and brutal, that life takith away and left you a mindless zombie. In which case, welcome to the apocalypse

Or you are a painter and you are in a hurry to apply a second coat...

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