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Ridgid LSA ??


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I found a great deal on a Ridgid framing gun on ebay through CPO Outlets. I messaged them asking if it still gets covered through the LSA. They messaged me back and said they didnt know and I should call Ridgid which I did and have been on hold an hour...lol......does anyone know if it would be covered under LSA if I buy through CPO outlets ? Thanks in advance, Phil

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Just FYI, the usual Ridgid warranty is 3 years from date of purchase. So if you purchase through CPO then you get a 3 year warranty, unless it is a refurb. If you purchase through Home Depot then you get the 3 year warranty with receipt (or date of mfg) BUT you can also apply for the LSA program which is the Lifetime Service Agreement.


Many people confuse the LSA with a warranty. To be clear, the warranty of their tools is three years, but on qualifying purchases through HD, you can also qualify for the service agreement. Lately this means filling out everything on line then having to send in a copy of the receipt via certified mail.


Since January 1st I have purchased 4 different Ridgid items which all qualify for LSA status. So far 3 have been confirmed and one is still pending. When you need service though it is on you to get the tool to the service center. This is different than Milwaukee where the tool ships on their dime. For me the 5 year warranty won out on a combo kit and I am returning the Ridgid because I bought the Milwaukee.

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