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Need a new blade

AVS Jrod

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I have given Kershaw two chances and yet again, the thumb assist on the Brawler has failed. The blade itself, the durability of the case, and it's size where all huge pros. However, being less than a year old and failing to this extent has left me searching for a new blade. I looked into the Smith & Wesson tactical tanto lines and they look pretty impressive. Here is what I am about to pull the trigger on:




Anyone else have any other suggestions? I really don't want to shell out more than $50 and it has to have a good thumb assist. And tanto......MUST BE TANTO!



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This is my current EDC, and I've been carrying it for almost 2 years. Great knife, keeps an edge very well, it's a flipper so it's super-easy to open, and it's cheap. Paid $40 for it on eBay, but you can find it cheaper at DHGate or AliExpress. It's a clone of a Hinderer XM18 but who cares, I'm not using a $500-$1500 knife at work...great knife all around and not expensive.




Hinderer Clone 001 by Edward Durbin, on Flickr

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I've had several S&Ws over the years and they always fell apart on me in the same way. The screws always come out. Their lock works for alright unless it's heavy use. First thing I'd do if I were you and buy this would be to put some thread locked on the screws.

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