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Show Us Your "Redneck" Fixes!


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We all take pride in doing a good job the right way the first time. We all like to stand back and look at our work after a hard day and think, "I did the best I could to make this the best it could be." Occasionally, however, we all do an "awwww screw it" fix, or have limited resources to do something. Sometimes these jobs are just atrocious and other times you have to take a step back and respect the ingenuity that they required. I want to see what the best crew has to offer and the story behind them. Please limit this to jobs you have done yourself, or at the very least jobs you have encountered personally. I don't want a flood of google image results and reposts. I'll start. The first one is a result of my cupholders being stolen out of my car. The holes where my cupholders were are now filled with little bottles of brake fluid for a leak somewhere in the hydraulics for the clutch. I had to improvise and created a new cupholder. I have a truck stop plastic mug permanently fixed in the hose clamp that I can set cups in when the whole passenger seat area isn't full of tools. The second is a light mounting system I rigged up for welding out of a magnetic dial indicator, some hose clamps and a flashlight. It worked well, but the magnet wasn't nearly strong enough. The third is a result of a mishap at night where my trailer cord caught somehow and snapped around a corner and I had to do a roadside fix in the dark with my leatherman and some bailing twine and a roll of masking tape that I had for some unknown reason behind the passenger seat.




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On the snorkel I started out with a cut off wheel and it was taking too long so I switched to an air hammer with a cutting bit... It looked like a shark took a bite out of the fender.  Also notice the metal shelf aka skid plate under the front bumper. Fancy!  The second is a pic of my little cousin's second battery in the bed of his truck. I would like to point out that was not a temporary fix, he had that like that for months.  Third, this was at an auction. Pretty sweet!

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