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Furnace keeps braking


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That sucks dude, ive worked on a lot of oil boilers, they can be an absolute pain in the butt sometimes trying to figure out their dirty little secrets.

First thing I would try is getting a manual.

Can you see a decent flame in the peep hole when its running?

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34 minutes ago, 99_XC600 said:

That sucks, essentially you have replaced everything in the burner with the exception of the oil pump and the squirrel cage.


At least it's getting to the end of the heating season.

?? He said the pump did get replaced.

Did you throw parts at it, or did a HVAC company?

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My father used to have an old oil burning furnace in his house. That thing was so horribly inefficient that it would cost upwards of $1500 a month to heat the house in the winter. He ripped it out and replaced it with a gas furnace. I believe he's on track to pay back the cost of installation in around two years.

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On 3/23/2016 at 10:12 PM, PROTOOLNUT said:

There only secret is that they use more oil then a hooker! Why don't you rip that money pit out of there and install a modern furnace?


it would cost a lot more to get a whole new furnace

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54 minutes ago, PROTOOLNUT said:

Logan here's 2 banging sounds and then a humming sound coming from the furnace. He yells out enraged, "Ya see here, its a clinker!!!!!!" Then he goes onto say, "Who shut off the oil burner all the way, puss buckets flibber flabber, ah ha I got her you rust bucket." Then you hear Logan stomping back up the steps boom boom boom, door swings open with smoke coming out of his ears. Logan says, "I have got to get a new furnace, but she's lit again, nobody touch the lever." Then just when Logan thinks that all is well the lights goes out. Logan says, "Nobody move! The fuse it out." The old man used his amazing technological know how and managed to get the lights back on. But when the lights came back on, he was greeted by something he never thought he would see, a brand new Dewalt 995 drill. His wife must have got it for him cause it sure as hell wasn't me, you think I got the money to buy the thing? As the old man gaised his eyes upon the tool, mouth wattering like a dog with rabies, all he could muster was, "NOT A FINGER!"



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