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Self-Propelled Track Saw!


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I ran across this today in my wanderings. 



It's made by Mafell, a German company and is was designed as a safety feature.  Personally, I don't know anyone that has had an accident with a track saw, but I guess it could happen.  The coolness factor, however, has Festool beat, hands down.


Here's a link to a YouTube video of the beast in action and a couple more pictures.







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2 hours ago, JimboS1ice said:

Pretty awesome, I'm afraid of the price tag of it goes into production.


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This saw is out a long time I believe. German guy I work for used to own one he was telling me, till it and about 20k of other tools was stolen on him.

He still has a mafell erika, crazy money also but seems to lack in features to me

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9 hours ago, KnarlyCarl said:

Wow we got off track already hehe see what l did. ..?


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Wouldn't be a tools in action thread without getting "off track"

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Wouldn't it be the Ridgid is a re-branded Milwaukee? [emoji848]

Ridgid is made under contract by TTi bit TTi owns Milwaukee.

Considering that the AEG tools come out before the Milwaukee's, I would doubt it. The m18 fuel SDS hammer drill came out a year after the AEG version and it's identical.

If you look at the link I posted earlier, you can see the full line of AEG tools, Home Depot doesn't bring in the full line as Ridgid. Also, Milwaukee seems to only have a portion of the 12v , mostly fuel, same with 18v. The Milwaukee stuff goes way beyond, they probably share a lot between them, save cost etc. TTi bought the Milwaukee name some time ago, but AEG has been around for a long time.

Imagine if Ridgid (Home Depot)carried the full line of AEG!


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I am kind of wrong, it seems TTi bought the names, patents etc and moved it to China.

AEG and Milwaukee share quite a bit more. They were both owned by Atlas and TTi bought them for $626 million. I thought TTi bought Milwaukee from Milwaukee. I learned something new today! I thought Milwaukee was US until TTi bought them.

"Atlas Copco Electric Tools GmbH is located in Winnenden near Stuttgart/Germany and is responsible for developing, manufacturing and distribution of high-quality portable power tools under the AEG[emoji768] and Milwaukee[emoji768] brands and accessories. The products are marketed through a number of sales companies worldwide, with a main business focus on Europe, Asia, Australia, and South Africa and target mainly the professional market such as the construction industry and high-end user."


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