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Went to my grandfathers house and he told me he got a new car so I went to his garage and opened it up and it was a Dodge Viper he told me that when it was delivered they wouldn't take it down his dirt road witch at this time of the year it's full of mud, pot holes and ruts so he had to drive it down his dirt road witch is probably about a half mile long. Now I can't wait to go back in the summer time when he will take it out and go for a ride or maybe drive it



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40 minutes ago, PROTOOLNUT said:

Any turboed V10 is going to make you shit when you see its power from 0 to 60 lol. I can understand why they didn't want to drive such a nice car down his crappy driveway lol. You know what would be a good idea, is for your father to bring in loads of gravel, but before he does that, put in a drain curtain every 10 feet. Doing that will make a huge difference to the mud issues.


Trust me, if your not careful, that care will be too much power for you to handle lol.


The thing about a turboed anything with a monster engine is turbo lag, when the turbo(s) kick in they can break the tires loose really easy and you really can't do anything about it other than learning the car.


Great car, one of my dream cars. I love how true it is, not a ton of electronics and driving aides, just a powerful and beautiful monster of a car. Though, it's not the most comfortable car to drive because of the size of transmission tunnel/center console...but it's totally worth it!

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5 hours ago, kruton said:

I have always like the lines of the Viper. For a car it is just sexy! I'm too big to ever fit in one, but I can always dream right?!

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Same here. Awesome car, but I don't think I would fit in one. I have loved these since the tv series in the mid 90's

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