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Brand conscious?


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When it comes to tools, how brand conscious are you? When it comes to power tools I always give Milwaukee the first look. If I can't find what I want I go to Makita or (as of late) Ridgid. When it comes to Hand tools I always consider Proto first for mechanic type tools, Channellock for pliers, and Klein for electrical tools. Is anyone else like this or am I just weird? I'm a truly faithful person and I always try to stick with brands I trust even when it means paying a little more. How about you guys?

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It is getting hard for me to even think of staying loyal to a brand, when none stay loyal to my way of life. I'm still mad at Milwaukee for selling out to the Chinese. Festool, Mafell and Hilti are what I look at first, at least they make most of their tools in places where they maintain a decent standard of living and pay their employees a decent wage. For hand tools I look towards Snap-on, SK, and Armstrong mainly but I do have a large selection of other brands as well. Right now in my tool bag I have Klein, Knipex, and Vice grip pliers, In my back up box I have a set of Channellocks and a few odds and ends like Irwins and Fuller pliers. I usually try to buy the best tools that I can, I need all the help I can get.

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I am finding it hard to be loyal to one tool company.

Att one time Dewalt were the king of the hill over here but that was only until the inherited quality of Elu became out of date and the quality of the tools seemed to drop like a lead balloon.

Milwaukee are still way behind Dewalt in popularity over here and they have a terrible reputation with suppliers and folks who try to contact them.

Bosch seem to be lagging behind a bit on battery tools but by gum do they make some quality corded gear.

Hilti lost the plot and many trade lads when they went down the lease/buy road as I have said before it's a great service but when work dries up it is a ball and chain most can't afford.

Metabo make some great tools but again I have had feedback from folks saying they don't have very good after sales ( they were great with me though).

I think this is where the forum comes into it's own,the feedback we get from more and more people over time should reveal what tools are best and who makes them. :)

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