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DW745 Type 1 Guard assembly in a Type 2


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Hi everyone

I have a Dewalt dw745 type 2 table saw which I  lost the guard assembly and the riving knife . I still have the anti kickback. I looked up online and they sell the parts for 120$. I was wondering if a cheaper type 1 guard assembly would fit in my type 2. Thank you for the answer, i really don't want spend half the value of the saw for one new piece.


Here is the different parts in picture: http://imgur.com/a/mijws (type 2 first picture and type 1 second picture)

The riving knife looks like this http://imgur.com/ZO9BeuA

The anti kickback looks like this http://imgur.com/3HcJ4NM

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I have the older DW744 model, I purchased it used without a guard. I wanted to go the other way and use the new style modular guard/ kickback pawls/ riving knife. Unfortunately my research led me to figure out it wasn't going to happen My guard attaches behind the blade with 2 bolts and some shims that have to be used to align the guard behind the blade. I would guess that once you got the right number of shims correct, you could remove all the others and leave them off. I was always afraid that doing that would cause the extras to get lost and I would need them some time in the future with a different blade. The two bolts that hold the guard on are mounted horizontally behind the blade with heads on the same side as the blade nut. The guard is a bit of a pain putting on and off, so at time you might be tempted to leave it off


My suggestion is for you to bite the bullet and buy at least the riving knife, I imagine it is easier to get on and off, so you will be less tempted to "Leave it off for just one cut". I know some folks say the first thing they do when they get a table saw is throw away the guard, but that isn't me. The last gentleman who said that to me is also the one who had the scariest accident with a circular saw I have heard of, cutting off his thumb, part of his index finger and luckily ripping and wrapping up in his pants before he cut through the artery in his leg. 

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