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Husky 52" tool chest


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Does anybody have any experience with this chest. The craftsman I have now I not enough storage at all. I normally would want to stick with craftsman but the equivalent size is at least double. 


I guess it would help to put the link in!:D



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Pretty sure Dan and Eric both like those. Alot of fellers around here seem to like Husky boxes. You should scope out the new boxes Milwaukee is coming out with too.


for $600 that looks like it has a fair amount of storage,the only issue ive ever seen/dislike about Husky boxes is the locking mechanism is garbage but if you dont lock it up no biggie.


I wouldnt trade my Kennedy stack for it but hard to beat the price for around the house/garage.

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Not the best pic but I know I have other pics somewhere on one of these threads, if you can wait till the holidays which I know is quite far away u might be able to pick this up for under $500 I think I got mine for $429 or $439 and I love it I have a snap on at the shop which I could've gotten 2 of these for the price I paid on just that one box :( sure the quality of the snap on is a lil better but if I could go back I would've just chose 2 of these instead. 


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SnapOn boxes are crazy pricey for sure but damn they do sure look good. I saw a really badass Harley Davidson snapon box recently had Pearl paint and everything,was so nice I wouldnt even want to use it for tools.  Im more for function than anything else,that being said any decent sized box with nice ball bearing slides is worth the cash.  Ill never own another box with friction slides ever again.


I like that pic BigMike,I am eagle eyeing that miter and table saw with stands you got there. Nice stuff brother.

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The only downside to the Husky boxes is if you're going to fill them up with heavy stuff, the metal specifically on the bottom or the drawers isn't very beefy. I'd worry about those larger drawers. I wish they'd improve JUST that on the box and raise the price a little.

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