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I'm just hoping they all get over these little girly 12v tools :wub: and start working on some 36v tools so us real men :ph34r: can get some work done, maybe even step them up a bit to 40v or more. :) Nothing like trying to stare down a load of 2"x 4"s, 2"x 10"s and 3/4 ply with a set of 12v compact tools.

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I don't see them ever being big with Carpenters and such, but you can't deny the appeal to many trades. For a lot of people they provide a very portable, lightweight, yet adequate solution. You've got to admit they're pretty cool.

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There are a lot of tools that make more sense being M12 than they would M18. Take the copper tubing and the PVC cutters for example. At 200 cuts per charge on a standard capacity 1.5 ah battery and nearly double that with the XC why on earth would you want the added size and weight of a higher voltage system? I'm sorry, but if you make 200 cuts on copper and you aren't ready for a break it's time to slow the hell down. Many tools don't require a lot of power to operate efficiently which is where the M12 system really shines. Even tools like drills, drivers, and saws are great as 12 volts if they are sufficient for your needs. They aren't for everyone, but for service technicians and many installers they are a god send. My HVAC guy went to all Dewalt 12V Max on his service call trucks but still uses 18V and 20V Max on his installation trucks. I have a friend that does surveillance and network installations and once I convinced him to give the M12 stuff a try he was hooked. For my needs many M12 tools will go an entire project start to finish on a single charge. Not always, but usually.

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