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Cord and Hose Management


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A while ago I lost a succession of pneumatic hoses (Flexeels) due to the negligence of of some other workers on a couple of different jobsites. I have also had a few extension cords trashed from people running over them with heavy carts or trucks. I really hate to have to think of my extension cords and hoses as expendables and being forced to buy inexpensive ones as a result. Have any of you found any successful ways of protecting your cords or hoses on jobsites, especially when you have to cross hallways, that are not terribly inconvenient, or should I accept the fact that cord and hoses will be lost and head down to Harbor Freight for a fresh supply?

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There is a version that has splits underneath so you can pop it over the cables and it protects them a treat. :)

I tried a cable cover from my local office supply store, it didn't really work that well. It was pretty soft. Would the one you recommend handle a 1000 lb. sheet rock cart or fully loaded demolition buggy rolling over it? Those are the bane of my cords/hoses existence.

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I don't think anything would stand up to that pal.

A couple of 2 x 4s pinned to the floor about 3/4" apart does the trick but it pisses everyone off , cart pushers can't easily push their carts over and they leaves divots in the concrete when removed. The crossing guards for roads work but they are a pain to carry around. :angry: Especially if I'm moving around a lot. I wish there was a compromise between the indoor soft rubber ones and the outdoor automobile rated crossing.

I have been thinking of trying to use a couple of Fastcaps third hands and trapping my cord and hose up to the ceiling. Unfortunately a lot of the time the popcorn ceiling guys beat me into the area, and I fear door frame height bridge might get snagged by people carrying things.

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At one time I had 100 ft. Yellow Jacket cords coming out my rear end. Union Carbide threw them away for any little thing. They got 1 or 2 uses and then went to the trash. I had 11 at one point. I gave a ton of them away. You could have lots of stuff courtesy of Carbide if you weren't spooked by a little caustic or asbestos. Every Proto tool I own was soaked in Sodium Hydroxide at one point.

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