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How are people making any money on this on Ebay?


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I have flipped a few tools on Ebay before but I don't get how these people are making any money flipping today HD deal of the day.



They are selling it for 50 bucks over the HD sale price when you factor in Ebay fees, Paypal Fees and Shipping if your offering free shipping how is their any meat on the bone for profit? Is it worth the hassle for 10 maybe 20 bucks? It's not like they are getting them cheaper from in store clearance either there are online only deals. Just random thoughs on this.


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38 minutes ago, DR99 said:

They could be credit card scammers I guess but wouldn't you deal in higher priced stuff?


I think that would bring unwanted attention. If someone robs a bank and they go to buy a $150k car in cash it will raise a red flag, but if they buy a $20k car, not so much.  

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Yeah, it blows my mind sometimes.  I have seen $40 scale model kits, that were actually bought and paid for at a price of $80++ I think some folks, just don't do any research on other sites, and think because it's E-Bay, it must be the cheapest price.  It's not has bad as it use to be, but I still see it.  That being said, one of the Model Railroad Forums I belong to, actually have a topic called "E-Bay Crazies", and you would not believe the stuff that is posted there. I once saw a HO scale craftsman kit, that once sold for $120 when it was in production, sell for over $800. But I think that is a case of supply and demand. 



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I see it at live auctions as well. A lot of items go for new or higher prices because people don't know the market. I buy tools at a discount store locally that buys semi loads of new merchandise from stores and sells it super cheap. When they got a load from HD they were selling them for 30% less than HD prices and in a few cases way less.

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