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DeWalt 18" Surface cleaner for Pressure Washers


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Saw this the other day for the 1st time at Home Depot for $99. It peaked my interested as I have the cheaper 16" model HD sells and it is alright. I did a quick google search and found zero information on this item. Figured I would share it here.





Model # 80175

Internet # 206593618

Store SKU # 1001618743


The DEWALT Surface Scrubber is used for cleaning garage floors, driveways, patios, decks, sidewalks and more. Its 18 in. Dia allows you to cut cleaning time in half on those big jobs. For use with cold water pressure washers rated up to 3400 psi, this unit features high-pressure jets that are great for working near surfaces that you do not want to get wet. This surface cleaner is made out of high quality steel and uses high-pressure rotating jets for a thorough clean that are fast and streak free. The spinning jets help to remove dirt and grime from surfaces with ease.

  • Universal to fit standard 1/4 in. QC spray wand connections
  • High quality assembly includes powder-coated steel shroud and stainless steel nozzles
  • 2 high-pressure, rotating jets for quick, streak-free cleaning
  • 18 in. Dia helps make cleaning large surfaces such as, garage floors, driveways, patios and decks quick and easy
  • Universal to fit most gas powered pressure washers rated up to 3400 psi for cold water use only
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I did my 65' long driveway with the 15" EZ Clean model paired with the Homelite 3100psi pressure washer when I first bought the house. The driveway was incredibly dirty. It took multiple passes with the EZ clean to get a good result. I did notice that many times the spinner didn't want to spin when water pressure was applied. I had to press and release the trigger multiple times until a good rotation was achieved to clean appropriately. Overall no real complaints in my 6-7 hours of total use with it.


I am wondering if the larger DeWalt model works considerably better? Also I wonder who the OEM manufacture is?

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Let us know, I used my EZ clean yesterday, just want to see if there is room for improvement ..

We shall see. I look at it like this.... The DeWalt is about $30 more for only 100 PSI higher rating and all the stores in my area are sold out.... However, the DeWalts COULD have been returned and RTV'd.

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Got the Surface Cleaner today.... Just initial glance, it seems to be decent quality. I have mixed feeling about the brush trim ring. It's removable. Which makes me wonder if it will pop off while using. And if it's intended to be removable, are there replacements?

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