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Get Your Spud Wrench Ready....


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yup takes a special kind of crazy to work like that day in and day out.....I wouldn't do it now that is for sure, lucky I don't get head spins from the sidewalk curb.

true story a few years back I went to a saw mill to look at a job on a cyclone for wood chips, we had to climb up the side of it in a ladder cage about 175 feet, as I am climbing up I'm talking to the guy that came with me to tell him what needs to be done. I was about half way up and stopped to see why he wasn't even saying ya or no or whatever....he was still on the ground I was talking to myself for 5 minutes....lol so climb back down and ask him what he was doing?

 he says I'm not going up there.....lol   I said I needed a guy to work on a cyclone he says he thought it was in the basement of the mill.....lol




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Bowsten.... Hats off to that crew for sure! These type of videos make me proud to be an American.. Yes, I am a cube drewling geek, only because my body won't let me do this type of work anymore.  These folks are what built America! I would give these guys my last beer and cigarette! 


.....I was going to add a long thought about the "Bern" and his ideas of what the USA should be, but thought it was better not to...


Another heart warming video clip - 


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I have no problem with heights at all. When I worked at Sports Authority a long time ago I had no problem on top of the pallet racks without a harness. One time I was straddling an open area on a corner, high enough to touch the ceiling(20+ feet up), pulling on 6 big canoes with only one hand on the frame. Never had an issue next to cliffs or canyons.


I don't know whether I could do that work though, too much trust in your co-workers...and it's awfully windy! This is a whole different ballgame than just heights.

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On 4/18/2016 at 4:16 PM, comp56 said:

quick look into the high jobs, can you do it..... 306 feet up once was my highest and walked on a 10" pipe across about a 30 foot span......can you do it....


 It funny that you posted this particular video. I am Local 7 Ironworker in Boston. This was my job. I was in the raising gang from below ground until topping out. This video pisses me off because the guys in this video were not even on this job. That kid Chris S. was filming footage for some tv show that never got made. They are Local 7 Ironworkers, but his company does small projects, not high rise erection. But I guess the producers of the tv show wanted something more flashy, so they got permission to come to our job and shoot some footage. The reason the comments on the video are disabled is because people were calling him out on it.


I posted a bunch of pictures of the building going up in progress while I was on the job on archboston.org, a site dedicated to Boston's architecture built environment.  

If anyone is interested here they are: 







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26 minutes ago, Foneguy said:

Not me !!! 

Back in the day ... 25' - 30' telephone pole, that's it 

these days I'm 10' - 20' underground .....

at least it's not just 6 feet

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