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More LSA Problems


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This Ridgid LSA bullcrap is really starting to push me away from Ridgid and on to new brands. I recently bought the hand held Palm screw gun and it comes with LSA. I registered it the next day and it comes back NO WARRANTY ON THIS ITEM......I call Ridgid today and the woman says maybe its because it was registered same day it was bought. I explained it wasnt same day it was next day. She says try again today. So I do it again today and it does same thing. I call back and the woman who answers was obviously bothered by having to talk on the phone. Her only explanation to me was well maybe that tool isn't covered. I said well why does the box say lifetime warranty ? She says I can not answer that. A lot of good that does me. I am seriously going to start switching over to DeWALT.

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Your right it really is. It sad but there warranty is what has kept me loyal but that's slowly going away. I find myself looking at Dewalt more and more.

Dewalt makes some great tools, good warrenty service too, I think Milwaukee has about the best reputation for warrenty service and no cost shipping.

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Jimbo has done some video's on Rigid tools that has been leading me to beleive that they kind of suck. I think if your a home owner only, go Ryobi. If your a contractor, go Milwaukee, Dewalt, Makita, or Bosch.

RIDGID is a bridge between ryobi and Milwaukee but they don't have the line up that their big brother or little sister has

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On 4/21/2016 at 7:53 PM, PROTOOLNUT said:

Additionally, here is a video where a guy compares the power of the Rigid impact driver to the Milwaukee impact driver, the results will astound you!




That guy is a trip with his videos. I'm also not sure if he may have gotten a defective driver or not as the new Ridgid unit I had could easily undo a lug nut torqued to 140 foot pounds.


Anyway, if the LSA is applicable then you will get an email asking to send the receipt in for registration. This has happened to a LOT of people since the beginning of the year, including me. I returned almost all the Ridgid stuff I bought and went with Milwaukee, but did save a 4.0 battery and charger kit so I'll have a lifetime battery and I can pick up a bare tool here or there if the price is right.


BTW, you did buy the tool at Home Depot, correct? That is the only way you will be able to qualify for LSA status.

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Interesting that customer service varies so much despite the tools being made by the same company. Are warranty issues handled separately?


Been reading up a lot regarding the LSA, I wonder if a stern letter to perhaps Home Depot would make a difference. Start a petition or maybe some enterprising lawyer thinks there's a case for a suit.

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I have submitted for a cordless hybrid fan and an 18 Volt kit that included a drill, driver and job max.  Both submittals took less than a week for approval, both were bought online.  The job max also came with the toolless head.


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