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The grass is always greener...


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I don't care who you are, the Makita cordless electric bicycle is just awesome


That would be so cool to have if we could equip it as a kind of rolling toolbox, with a couple saddle bags and a decent top box, I could see myself cruising around some jobsites doing punch list type work. Then again, I could see that being an auxiliary vehicle to a larger work truck set up.

I wish more mini trucks where accepted in our country, I would love to have one for aound town and larger jobsites, espeically the 4 wheel drive models, with AC off course, something lacking in most utility ATV that I would really apreciate working here in Florida with all our heat and humidity.


There are a lot of compact tractors we don't get here either.

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I wish we could have Protool tools here. A whole line of premium tools we are denied.

I really want to try a portable circular saw with a riving knife, if for nothing else, for the novelty factor. I have to wonder why they are mandatory some places and not commonly available here on anything other than a plunge saw.

Flip and combo saws are some others that have been discussed here on the forum before that look very interesting. .

There are a few radial arm saws I would like to get a look at, even though I don't think I would buy one with the excellent ones we have produced domestically from Northfield and the Original Saw company.


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Those mini trucks started popping up everywhere around here 3 or 4 years ago. Don't know where they went, but I haven't seen one for a year or more.

They can be a pain to get road legal in some places. Here in Florida they have to be restricted to 35 mph and run as a slow speed vehicle. Insurance is the same as a real truck. Some places are even harder to get them registered/insured, so I'm guessing they may have disappeared into the farms and or woods.

Link to states laws

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