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2 hours ago, chrismccabe484 said:

So some of you know that I was looking at the ridgid gen5x 5 piece combo kit and then I was looking through the acme tools catalog and found this would it be worth it or just stick with the ridgid 85c67f26cf55dc77fcbc56ad0d3167ce.jpg

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That's a pretty lousy deal.  You can get the same tools with onekey on the drill and driver minus the flashlight for $150 less at home depot.  You can also get it with a circ saw if that's more useful to you.



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57 minutes ago, HiltiWpg said:

Gen5x is brushless

The GEN5X combo is not brushless, all the tools are 4 pole permanent brushed motors.


The Ridgid tool kit is a nice kit for the money, for 150 more you get brushless but not the saw, personally I prefer the Milwaukee Tools over the Ridgid, they are much more solid feeling and performance wise have an edge over the Ridgid.  The thing I do not care for on the Ridgid is the plastic blade guard on the circular saw.  I feel like I am going to snap it off one of these days.

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4 minutes ago, HiltiWpg said:


They do have brushless tools, they have brushless impact, drill, and circular saw, but they also have brushed tools.  For their big combo you only get the brushed tools unfortunately, I was under this impression I was getting brushless tools until I looked closer into it when I won't the kit.  Kind of silly on Ridgid if you ask me, their brushed drill has more power though than their brushless which I also found odd.  On their brushless circ saw you get a little more metal and an extra 100 rpms, stepping up to a whopping 3500.

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Other than the blade guard how is the ridgid kit

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It's a good solid kit, sawzall is good, drill is good, impact is good, the light is okay, nothing special and the isn't bad either, personally I think this kit should cost 399, if they want 499 they need to go brushless or throw another battery or give 5.0s. Runtime is very good though.

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