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A friendly reminder to do what is right


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This past weekend I purchased quite a bit of stuff from Menard's, table saw, lumber, and screws for some Adirondack chairs that I am building to raise money for St. Jude. After I had left I realized that the cashier over stated how much cash I used by $100. I went in today and they were greatly appreciative of me coming in. The manager and cashier had freaked out about the missing amount. The cashier I was told is a great employee.

I could have taken the money and ran but that wouldn't have been right. I didn't want the cashier to get into trouble or possibly fired for an accident. A $100 to me isn't worth her possible firing.

Just a reminder for everyone to keep other people in your thought and not just yourself. When you do good and set an example it will be seen by others and maybe some day we can make this world a better place.

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How does that happen? Were you paying with a $1000 bill? How would someone be off by $100, I could understand getting an extra $10 or $20 back in change.

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Yeah, that seems crazy. How exactly do you pay and have more than $100 back in change?


Good on you though, honesty is the best policy.

I had paid with rebates, cash, and then debit. She had just missed a digit when entering the cash part. I wasnt paying attention when I finally paid with debit.

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