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  1. Old Ingersoll Rand Compressor

    Thank you JMG. Have been on many different sites. But I think a call definitely will help.
  2. Old Ingersoll Rand Compressor

    I just acquired an old Ingersoll Rand verticle 80 gal shop compressor. I have some questions setting up. Here are some specs I got from the tags. Pump: TYPE 30 Size 3 & 1 3/4 x 2 Compressor No. 3OT 3330 Motor: General Electric Repulsion Induction Motor Type SCR 2HP Single Phase 60 cycle- low voltage / 50 cycle high voltage V110-A.19 / V220-A. 9.5 V110-A. 20.8 / V220-A. 10.4 First question I had, it looks like 10 wire coming out pressure switch. I assume that would be hooked up to a 30 amp breaker. And I also assume that the A. is for the amps. But confused about the low amperage numbers. The other question I had I have no idea what the maximum pressure would be I see nothing in that regard. And last if I install a regulator, oiler do they need to be the same size pipe that I will use for the air supply around the shop (3/4"+ gal) Any help in this area would be appreciated.